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Service & Justice

At Faith Mennonite Church, we seek ways to promote peace and justice in our relationships, in our neighborhoods, and in the world. Our focus is on supporting service, activist, social justice, and crisis response organizations that are addressing needs in our community. We also support service and justice work across our Mennonite and Anabaptist connections.

Members of the Eco-Justice Committee smile and hold paper leaves with creation care actions written on them.
We practice

Immigration Justice and Migrant Support

We believe in supporting our immigrant neighbors. In recent years, we have sponsored and supported two families seeking asylum from violence they faced in Honduras and Mexico. Both families have now settled in and become financially stable.

Our church also supports Pueblos de Lucha y Esperanza, a Minnesota faith-based organization that organizes peoples in struggle to build leadership and collective power to change the structures and policies that oppress migrant peoples.

We Practice

Environmental Justice

Recognizing that we live, work, and worship on stolen Dakota land, the Eco-Justice Committee of Faith Mennonite Church encourages and leads activites, learning, and worship that prioritize caring for the earth and its inhabitants. We seek to integrate creation care into all elements of our congregational worship, community, and mission. From starting a fellowship time composting program to bird watching together to leading worship activities and adult education, we find that care for and connection to the environment is always relevant to our spiritual path. Seeking to be joyful stewards of our local environments, we invite all to join us.

We support

Local Partners

Community Emergency Service seeks to support individuals and families in times of crisis. We support this organization and refer community members in need to them for support. They provide support for funerals, utilities, bus money, food, clothing, and referral service.

The Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches operates a family of social service programs to help families living in poverty. Faith Mennonite financially supports GMCC.

Families Moving Forward, a program of Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, provides temporary emergency shelter, permanent affordable housing, and supportive services to low income families with children. Faith Mennonite supports Beacon financially and our members volunteer on occasion with Families Moving Forward programs.

Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute sponsors Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience-The STAR Training, Restorative Justice 101, and Positive Productive Alternatives to Revenge. These trainings promote healing, revitalize communities, identify and break cycles of victimhood and violence, and build resilience. Faith Mennonite provides financial support for Peacebuilding’s trainings.

Pueblos de Lucha y Esperanza is a Minnesota faith-based organization that organizes peoples in struggle to build leadership and collective power to change the structures and policies that oppress migrant peoples. 

We Support

National and Global Partners

Brethren Mennonite Council on LGBT Interests cultivates an inclusive church and society and cares for the Mennonite and Brethren lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allied community. Faith Mennonite provides office space and financial support for BMC, and has been a member of BMC’s Supportive Congregations Network since 2006.

Central Plains Mennonite Conferenceis a vibrant area conference of Mennonite Church USA made up of 46 diverse congregations spanning eight states. 

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) offers an organized, nonviolent alternative to war and other forms of lethal inter-group conflict. CPT seeks to enlist the whole church in conscientious objection to war, and in the development of nonviolent institutions, skills and training for intervention in conflict situations.

Mennonite Central Committee is the international relief, development, and peacemaking organization of the Mennonite Churches of North America.

Mennonite Church USA is an Anabaptist, Christian denomination with roots in the Radical Reformation of 16th-century Europe. It is the largest Mennonite denomination in the United States with 16 conferences, approximately 530 congregations and 62,000 members.

Mennonite Disaster Service responds to natural disasters in the United States and Canada.